Having to rent AI and PSD for 1000.-/year makes me hate Adobe

9 years ago from Olivier Heitz, Senior Product Designer. Founder of https://SketchTalk.io

  • anthony thomasanthony thomas, 9 years ago

    You aren't overreacting and have a right to be upset with Adobe's business model. Why are you doubting what your intuition is telling you?

    What Adobe is doing is ridiculous but the reason they do that is because there are suckers out there who will buy what they're selling so why would they change their model?

    You're basically overpaying to use 27 apps that you never use and you're paying for them to steal your files, while creating a co-dependency on them so that they can take more money from you. It's the stupidest thing ever.

    Every Adobe tool suffers from feature bloat - a large percentage of features they have most people never even use. The user experience to do the most basic tasks is absolute shit - that's why there are always support forums of people asking how to do the most basic things that should be easy and intuitive to figure out.

    Bottom line, Adobe is a shit company that makes shitty products. They're successful because they have monopoly share of the design tool market.

    Vector design tools like Sketch and Omnigraffle are the future. Not only because they were created by good companies, but because they are far better for design than Adobe's tools.

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    • Daniel FoscoDaniel Fosco, 9 years ago

      I can't fully agree with the statement that Adobe makes shitty products, otherwise the InDesign Gods would immediately smite me, but I agree they are a shitty company.

      Their pricing is akin to a cable company offering you HBO (Photoshop/Illustrator) bundled with a dozen shitty lifestyle channels nobody wants.

      Also, offering the same product online with region-locked prices is as shitty as it gets — that's textbook "extract as much value as possible from customers" behavior.

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