Having to rent AI and PSD for 1000.-/year makes me hate Adobe

9 years ago from Olivier Heitz, Senior Product Designer. Founder of https://SketchTalk.io

  • Jeff Dingwell, 9 years ago

    The economics of Adobe CC were argued to death when it first came out. While I'm not happy to be paying monthly fees for this software, my justification is that it is just the cost of doing business.

    For me, the $600/year for Adobe CC (CAD), works out to be less than 1% of my total average yearly net. Considering almost 100% of the money I make I do so using Adobe software, for me personally, that doesn't seem to be entirely unreasonable. That said, if I were just starting out or a hobbyist, $600 a year is a bitter pill to swallow.

    I wonder about the monumental shift it would take to get the entire creative industry off the Adobe platform and on to something less expensive (if such a thing would ever be agreed upon). We all loathe Microsoft products and yet Word, Microsoft and PPT are still out there with the lion share of that market.

    Sketch sounds cool and it seems promising. But from what I've been reading - it isn't quite yet ready to be a serious threat to the Adobe machine. BUT, thank god there are companies out there willing to take a shot at it. Ultimately, they will either succeed in breaking Adobe's monopoly or at least make them rethink some things.

    I think another question to ask would be - WTF Adobe? How can you reasonably justify charging such wildly different fees around the world for something which is simply a digital download?

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