Another Wikipedia Redesign, explained this time.(

over 9 years ago from Jonathan Levy, Product Developer @revealparis

  • Elliott PayneElliott Payne, over 9 years ago (edited over 9 years ago )

    I've either been in this industry too long or not long enough, but the huge elephant in the room is that the websites that define the age of the web are unequivocally ugly.

    On top of wikipedia theres:

    • Craigslist, which single handedly took down the newspaper industry
    • Amazon did the same for big box retail
    • Reddit
    • Google
    • I could go on

    Then facebook goes and "undesigns" itself so it can make more money.

    For every 10 beautiful properties on the web, there's one big fat ugly turd that does the same thing but makes more money doing it.

    I don't know how the rest of you feel about it, but it's something I've been thinking about lately.

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    • Jonathan LevyJonathan Levy, over 9 years ago

      Think you got a point here, but i can't help thinking about AirBNB which makes a lot of money and it's influencing every other similar services in UX & UI. It's not same in the same service category though :)

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    • Kyle ConradKyle Conrad, over 9 years ago

      Google and Facebook are considered design leaders, though.

      Not everything should be "beautiful" - I can make the prettiest website in the world, but if a user doesn't know what to do, then I have failed at my only job.

      Design solves problems, it shouldn't create new ones.

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