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over 10 years ago from Joe Turner, Designer at Guest Services Worldwide

  • Sabrina MajeedSabrina Majeed, over 10 years ago

    This reminds me of the TechCrunch/Lyft/GigaOM fiasco in which a TC writer refused to write an article for Lyft after GigaOM broke the news of their launch first. So many people commented insisting that they didn't care if GigaOM broke it first, they wanted to read the TC take whether it came out five minutes or five days later.

    There's such an emphasis on speed in this industry and often times I'm guilty of being impatient with product launches, but quality is just as if not more important. Also, your audience (iPhone users) aren't going anywhere. They're not going to switch to Samsung. Not to discredit the people at Samsung but I'm sure many people would be excited to adopt a well crafted iOS app like this and be willing to wait a little longer for said product.

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