Contrllr Unveil v2

9 years ago from Phil Stringfellow, Web & UI Designer

  • Marvin KennisMarvin Kennis, 9 years ago (edited 9 years ago )

    The dark design suits the gaming genre better I think. The general structure of the site seems ok to me. What does recent games mean? Is that the games played recently, games reviewed recently, games added recently?

    For gaming - something that's high tech - the font choice might make it look a bit dated and thus less modern.

    One small thing that's throwing me off are those yellow-ish dividers: Have you tried using a slightly lighter form of the background color instead?

    I think it could do with some more whitespace between sections as well - depending on the amount of screen real estate you're allowed to use.

    It might be good to list some incentives. Why would I want to review games and share the games I play? Mind you, I'm not a gamer myself so if the ability to do so is enough for your audience it is not a problem.

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