Ask DN: Who's hiring? (April 2014)

9 years ago from Tom Cavill, cofounder

  • Suvonil ChatterjeeSuvonil Chatterjee, 9 years ago (edited 9 years ago )

    Hey guys, I lead the design team @, India's first map based real estate portal and right now, the hottest startup in the Indian tech scene. We are looking for really talented designers to join our product design team (both mobile and web) based out of Mumbai, India.

    Perks include:

    • Really competitive salary.
    • Flexible working conditions.
    • A shiny new Macbook with a Thunderbolt display & accessories and anything else that might help you with your work.
    • A chance to work with a team that is revolutionizing house hunting in developing countries!
    • Being a Housing portal, relocating is a breeze. :)

    Feel free to shoot me a mail at if you have any queries. You can also check out the job listings on our site: UI/UX Designer and Visual Designer.

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    • Shrihari SankaranShrihari Sankaran, 9 years ago

      Hey Suvonil,

      I just tried out for the first time now. It was certainly a relief compared to other Indian housing portals. But this screen was intimidating, with too many options:

      Maybe you could show them one-by-one?

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