Ask DN: Who's hiring? (April 2014)

9 years ago from Tom Cavill, cofounder

  • Tom CavillTom Cavill, 9 years ago

    They do have the budget and they do pay to post. This is just another outlet — a place where all companies regardless of budget can post, and with a more casual/conversational approach.

    It's good to know the (user)names behind these companies, too.

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    • Jonathan YapJonathan Yap, 9 years ago

      Yeah, I think they have a war chest of a budge. I seen them everywhere! However it is nice to see a name or a person to those listings and people are more familiar here with each other like you said. You would never know all this through a job board because some usually go through to HR 1st.

      Perhaps there is an idea around DN job post <-> job wall? A sticky? A limited member's post? Just thinking out loud, some might go against the point of DN being open, but its food for thought. Will be good to get the LV guy's opinion on this.

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      • Daniel FoscoDaniel Fosco, 9 years ago

        Yeah, it does makes sense to keep this going in a non-harsh manner, it's definitely positive for everyone.

        I'd love to see some official position from the DN guys too, just so we can know what's ok and what's not.

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