Alternatives to Ember App?

9 years ago from Toby Negele, Senior Product Designer

  • Nik Fletcher, 9 years ago

    Hi Meng,

    Just wanted to update on these points!

    1. The reliability of the current iCloud sync setup using Apple’s iCloud / Core Data integration isn’t working as smoothly as it should. The system is slow to process library changes, and we’re bringing this back under our control in the v1.5.1 update.

    2. I’ll drop you an email about this. If you’re using iCloud, this may be why but I’ll drop you a note as we obviously want the screenshotting tools to be as robust as possible!

    3. Sorry to hear this: it’s related to #1, and we’re working as quickly as we can to get the updates to Ember on iOS and OS X out so you can get back to using Ember.

    As always, if you’ve got any more feedback I’d love to hear it here or by email.



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