Ask DN: What video games have the best UI?

over 9 years ago from TJ Taylor, Design Director @ Benchmark

  • Matthew BanburyMatthew Banbury, over 9 years ago

    I think generally the UI that is most interesting within games is when it is related to the game itself. This comment is focused mostly on menus.

    Skyrims upgrade system uses a constellation interface that works quite well as a representation of a traditional game skill tree and is relevant to the Elder Scrolls series as a whole.

    Portal has a fairly straightforward implementation of the Source Engine/Valve main menu but uses subtle effects that mimic in game behavior of test room tiles.

    Dead Space brings a lot of the game menus into the game world via a holographic projection and one particularly genius move was to put the typical HUD display of health into the actual back of the suit of the player.

    Mass Effect uses a radial menu interface that is controlled in a similar fashion as the in game conversation system.

    Unfortunately for the most part there isn't a lot of innovation in general with game menus but I think the ones that succeed the most bring a bit of the gameplay experience to the menu system or bring the menu into the game entirely.

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