• Daniel LaudingDaniel Lauding, over 9 years ago

    Hey guys,

    just wanted to share what I made this weekend during a hackaton with a friend. It took us about 26 hours to make this little app built with bootstrap, instagram api, angular and mongodb.

    The idea came from when I was out backpacking in Southeast Asia to share my moments and locations to my friends back home and to new friends I was going to meet during this trip.

    To get started you just sign in with your instagram account. Then you create a "trip" with a #hashtag you assign to your images on instagram (new or old,). Search & add for your friends from instagram if you want them to contribute to your travel map..

    Try it out and would love to hear any kind of feedback and ideas/bugs (hopefully severals!).

    This is my trip from my travels: www.tripppen.se/daniellauding/tripppen

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