MobileDN 1.2 update – Full DN integration for iOS

over 9 years ago from Alasdair Monk, Product designer @Heroku

  • Marc EdwardsMarc Edwards, over 9 years ago

    Great stuff! Thank you for making it. :)

    I have some comments, if you don’t mind. Even if you choose to not act on the suggestions, I hope they help make the app even better.

    Sign in validation

    It's possible to sign in with empty credentials. It might be good to disable the Sign In button until there’s something in both fields.

    Table cell down state

    It doesn't seem like there's a down state on the table view cells. It’d be nice to be able to know when and where I’ve tapped.

    Comments default state

    “No one has said anything yet” displays while fetching comments, even if people have commented. It seems like a better empty state might be to leave it completely blank?


    Search could be added to the top of the Top and Recent tabs, saving a tab, but also reducing number of taps from 2 to 1 in most cases (tap search field and typing vs tap search tab, search field and typing).

    Probably not entirely correct as search covers the entire site, not just top and recent, but it still feels like it could be an improvement? If you did keep search as a tab, maybe highlight the search field when the tab is selected?


    Seems like you don’t need a separate sharing settings screen? Everything fits pretty well on the one tab.

    Thanks for reading.

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