MobileDN 1.2 update – Full DN integration for iOS

over 9 years ago from Alasdair Monk, Product designer @Heroku

  • Xavier HaniquautXavier Haniquaut, over 9 years ago

    Awesome job you have my upvote, but what about the non-members? They can not use the app to just read the feed as they use to do in the previous version. I get that DN wants to keep it close but isnt this a bit too elitist?

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    • Parker MooreParker Moore, over 9 years ago

      This was something I thought about too. It would be great to preserve the "spectator" views if possible.

      That said, it may be a huge challenge programmatically so pragmatically speaking, for a proof-of-concept, 1.2 is exceptional.

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