LayerVault. What's up with the DMCA?

10 years ago from Allan Yu, YUI/YUX?YUSUX?

  • Antonio PratasAntonio Pratas, 10 years ago

    I'm not taking teams here. I sympathize with both designmodo (I write for them occasionally) and with Layervault since I met Kelly last year when he launched LV on FOWA.

    My opinion is that designmodo is trying to use the momentum of the Flat UI trend and get some revenue out of sells with these kits, and it makes complete sense business wise, they look like they have their business figured out and are probably making some good money with it, because people like Flat (even if all we see is flat mockery lately), but most people want to use/design/be/buy/show Flat. If they inspired in Layervault? I believe so, I guess that given the impact that LV had in the Flat trend, everyone does. But I don't honestly believe that they blatantly and purposely ripped off any of Layervault's designs or illustrations.

    And Layervault has all the right to defend their image. Allan had a HUGE part in the Flat UI/design trend/movement/style whatever you want to call it. And this whole Flat discussion also gave a lot of attention to LV, and that's great for a company to designers be talked about its design. And it's totally understandable that if a couple of icons there are really similar or even inspired a bit too much, they have to go. But I don't think that a DMCA is the way to go. And it's really easy to create a Flat design that looks like another one, the style in itself makes it hard to differentiate with details, given that are almost none.

    Now that I think of it, everytime I said "designmodo" back there, it should've been replaced by the designer's name, not the blog. If there's something to be discussed style-wise, it should be with the designer. But I don't really know who designed the whole kit, @monstercritic probably?

    So I'm not on team jacob and I'm not on team edward, I get both and I just hope that this doesn't affect either business by damaging their image in any way.

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