Ask DN: What is it like to be a Remote Designer?

over 9 years ago from Lance Q, Designer/Founder

  • Karolina SzczurKarolina Szczur, over 9 years ago

    Lance — it's not necessarily a preference to overlap hours. I have a routine. Evenings are usually reserved for reading, watching, playing or hanging out with friends so give away this time very sparingly. I choose to stay with the team because I absolutely love the people who I'm working with. It's fun to catch up and sometimes it's also way more effective to talk face to face/chat than email.

    I terms of how much time I spend designing — it really depends. There are weeks when I won't write a single line of code because I'm 100% design focused, and there are weeks when I never open Sketch. It depends on my involvement in projects, but I'd say that my design/dev time is basically split in half. I'm a hybrid :)

    Hope that helps!

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