• Beni GartenmannBeni Gartenmann, over 9 years ago

    Hi Saeng-a-loon, nice work! I also think showing higher-fidelity images on your page would work a bit better, you could still include the link to dribbble though. But I'm not so sure about the contact form as suggested by George, somehow I like the "minimalistic" feel of just a mailto-link.

    P.S: I think there is a small typing error on your Work page in the paragraph underneath "Free Icons!": it says "wep applications" instead of "web applications".

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    • Saeng-a-loon Pele ChaengsavangSaeng-a-loon Pele Chaengsavang, over 9 years ago

      Thanks for the find Benjamin! I corrected it.

      @Goerge @Benjamin, I personally prefer a mailto link when in comes to mobile because I find email forms in mobile version to be bothersome compared to its mail app, at least for IOS. On the desktop/laptop browser however it's a different story. I'm not a big fan of the mail app on my macbook. I'm considering using both email forms and mailto link depending on the user's device maybe.

      Thanks for the feedback guys!

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