A New Car UI: How touch screen controls in cars should really work(matthaeuskrenn.com)

almost 10 years ago from Hadrien B, Eternal dreamer

  • Sabih MirSabih Mir, almost 10 years ago

    Really nicely done, explained, and demonstrated Matthaeus - bravo! I love the simplicity and thought you put it into this.

    Did you think about haptic feedback at all? One way to reinforce each mode of control would be to create unique haptic "heartbeats" so without looking you'd know what you're controlling. And having the screen be embedded in the car means there's no (real) battery concerns...

    I do think though that the ultimate solution for something like this will have to divorce the control from the display — bringing the displayed information into the fabled HUD for cars that never really got any traction in the commercial auto industry. That's really the only way to make sure the driver's eyes don't leave the road...

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