A New Car UI: How touch screen controls in cars should really work(matthaeuskrenn.com)

almost 10 years ago from Hadrien B, Eternal dreamer

  • Ed LeaEd Lea, almost 10 years ago

    Nicely executed.

    I'm having a hard time imagining people using this though. He mentions not having to look for tiny buttons, but you still have to look at the screen to check when you have the correct input method for example.

    I'm not sure this is better than just having a volume nob. Without using it for real it's hard to say. On the face of it, these actions seem hard to learn/remember, but there is a learning curve whenever you're in a new car.

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    • Hadrien BHadrien B, almost 10 years ago

      Instead of having a tactile screen, we could have a tactile surface, with the inputs we make directly displayed behind the steering wheel. Better control, without taking the eyes off the road.

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    • Matthaeus KrennMatthaeus Krenn, almost 10 years ago

      Good point about still having to look. I actually imagined this playing together with an additional small status display in the driver's POV. The icon and state could be shown on a head-up display or on the dash board behind the steering wheel.

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      • Ed LeaEd Lea, almost 10 years ago

        yeah, good point. What I like about this video was the aim of being able to use the stereo without looking. I have a feeling that this might be easier with physical buttons, it's just that cars have done such a bad job so far.

        But ultimately, a good voice control could take car of most of this functionality imo.

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