A New Car UI: How touch screen controls in cars should really work(matthaeuskrenn.com)

almost 10 years ago from Hadrien B, Eternal dreamer

  • Dave LuetgerDave Luetger, almost 10 years ago

    I like that this design addresses tactile feedback as an issue but I still feel as though there is a place for regular, old knobs and buttons.

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    • Hadrien BHadrien B, almost 10 years ago

      It addresses bad tactile design, but maybe tactile is not meant for the car. At least not in the way it exists now. I find actual tactile car displays to be slow, badly designed, and unintuitive. If it's correctly designed, maybe the car would gain from it, allowing us to better watch the road.

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    • Jonathan ShariatJonathan Shariat, almost 10 years ago

      Agreed but I think its a good move for touch screens. It allows for less concentration and quick adjustments.

      Next is tackling knowing where controls are with out really looking.

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      • Nancy TsangNancy Tsang, almost 10 years ago

        I think if this concept included sound cues as a substitute for tactile responses it'd be awesome. Perhaps a scale of notes, varying pitches, or light tones/chimes could help further differentiate + give confirmation between modes and micro-controls.

        Then you could control it with your hands, listen, and keep your eyes on the road.

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