Interested in a weekly Sketch screencast?

almost 10 years ago from Rafael Conde, Design at Netlify, and co-host of Layout

  • Luke ModerwellLuke Moderwell, almost 10 years ago

    Would definitely be interested. Can you share some of the topics you would cover?

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    • Rafael CondeRafael Conde, almost 10 years ago

      Sure, but this is still a very early draft. We're thinking of releasing the first three episodes for free, and cover the very basics of the app, to get everyone on board with Sketch.

      For the topics I'm thinking of the following:

      • Basic Overview
      • How to create a single logo (shapes manipulation)
      • Create a basic website mockup
      • Create a basic iOS app mockup (probably divided into two parts)
      • Vector drawing and manipulation
      • Keyboard Shortcuts

      What do you guys think? Any suggestion?

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      • Luke ModerwellLuke Moderwell, almost 10 years ago

        Sounds good. Maybe another episode covering the many Sketch scripts/plugins that are useful & how to use them in your workflow.

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