Cactus for Mac — A better workflow for hand coding websites(

over 9 years ago from Allan Grinshtein, Founder at LayerVault

  • Lauri HynynenLauri Hynynen, over 9 years ago

    Wow, looks really slick!

    It's interesting that we're seeing a lot of new services re-imagining hosting static sites. Why do you think that is? I'd say partly due to rise of Javascript-based SPA's which just integrate into various 3rd party services and don't need their own server. Also, it seems like more and more web designers are looking to build their own products from end-to-end and are comfortable with programming, but don't want to get involved with managing their own server, command line interfaces.

    Oh, and a shameless plug. If you don't feel like installing additional apps, be sure to check out We also deploy your sites to S3 (and a CDN), but do it via Dropbox.

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