Site Design: Huge inc(

almost 10 years ago from Marco Sousa, Product Designer @ Facebook

  • Alexander DinerAlexander Diner, almost 10 years ago

    Very reminiscent of the new Big Spaceship site in terms of use of imagery, layout, overall interaction.

    I really enjoy this trend of blurring mobile and desktop layouts—points to a brighter, more flexible future for web design IMO.

    Could definitely work on load times and image optimization though.

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    • Alex GennetteAlex Gennette, almost 10 years ago

      Wow that menu system is almost identical… interesting.

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    • Casey BrittCasey Britt, almost 10 years ago

      The huge site has been in the works for a while. The Bigspaceship site only launched recently. I can assure it was designed before anyone knew about the bigspaceship site. It does have a full screen takeover menu but that's not exactly new.

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      • Alexander DinerAlexander Diner, almost 10 years ago

        To be clear, I wasn't implying that this was a rip-off; it was more of a commentary on the popularization of these kinds of layouts and navigation systems. I think it's really lovely.

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    • Nathan ManousosNathan Manousos, almost 10 years ago

      It looks extremely similar to the Odopod too. (Once you get past the scrolly stuff).

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