• Justin EdmundJustin Edmund, over 9 years ago

    I detailed some of this in Jordan P's answer just a bit above this.

    The relationship is pretty good, I think. Due to being a young organization with not a lot of processes, some things are a bit rockier than they could be, but I expect a lot of that to sort itself over time. A lot of it is just that there's not enough people to sort out internal tools, so we use whatever is easiest.

    I personally build prototypes all the time. I've built a prototyping library called Pinkit that lets a designer easily iterate on Pin cells as well as easily use real Pinterest data in HTML/CSS/JS prototypes.

    I'm currently learning iOS development (and later Android) so that I can do the same sorts of things on mobile platforms. My goal for the year is to code more and ship code.

    I'm pretty experimental—design tools are a big passion of mine, so I use lots of budding tools to see how they work and whether they'll make the work of the whole time easier. Recently, I've been playing with Adobe Edge Reflow and Composite.

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