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    What books can you recommend, regarding design?

    My absolute favorite technical design book is Grid Systems in Graphic Design by Josef-Müller Brockmann. On the more philosophical size, The Shape of Design by Frank Chimero is a must read.

    You can also see all the books that the Product Design team at Pinterest loves on this board: Design Books.

    What did you do at your internship @Facebook?

    At the time, profile completion rates were down, so I was tasked with designing a system to bring them back up. It ended up being a kind of crowdsourced solution, where we would ask people you interacted with frequently if they worked with you, lived in the same city as you, etc, and then we'd ask you to confirm. It was a really low-level thing, but I still see bits and pieces of it in sidebars from time-to-time. I also worked on stuff like the now-defunct Facebook Questions and School Hubs.

    Which websites do you visit on a daily basis?

    Dare I name Pinterest?

    In terms of services, Facebook and Twitter are usually open in a tab somewhere. Quora and Dribbble are both frequent visits, but probably every other day.

    I make a habit of Designer News, The Verge, Polygon as well for design/tech news. Mangastream and Bandcamp are weekly visits for guilty pleasures.

    I'm sure there's more that are more interesting, but I'm drawing a blank.

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