Superhuman Website Review: How not to design a website(

over 2 years ago from Lauren Holliday,

  • Simon M., over 2 years ago

    This is not a design critique, it's an unprofessional take down of a landing page for a product you evidently haven't used.

    The site would be sufficient if it was a white page with a registration box; their method of marketing has very little to do with the site itself as they've built themselves up on referral pretty much all the way. If you're on the site, you've probably heard of the platform from someone in your network.

    I used Superhuman for about a year but stopped after I switched roles, the product is great but isn't a great fit for the work I do at the moment - it does offer something very different (and good) in terms of the pure user experience and has evidently been well thought through - unlike this deck.

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