Which tool(s) are you using for designing UI animations?

almost 3 years ago from Thomas Michael Semmler, UI Engineer. I'm a bit mean sometimes

  • G Lukacs, almost 3 years ago

    That is a really limiting way to think about it. If you have any experience in UX you understand that there is not a correct way of interaction. People use things in varying ways and the problems they run into are indicators of their experience. User's behaviour cannot be wrong or right. It's just behaviour. You are essentially blaming me for having a bad UX, when I am just using the tools that I am provided.

    You are not a closed/static system. You can learn new things. You can make choices. You asked the question. If your behaviour "cannot be right or wrong" and you are "just using the tools you have been provided with" then why even bother asking the question in the first place? Give me a break. Everything you've written here conveniently helps you avoid the issue. You're bending over backwards to ignore the problem at hand.

    Dan Winer has been more than accommodating, his advice and encouragement should be more than enough to help you see reason.

    As stated in your original post:

    But in this case, all of it is going into react. And react does not work well with how I usually develop animations.

    Your problem is one of compatibility with React and/or React developers. The only reason I brought up the hiring stuff was to illustrate that this is not an unreasonable proposition, and that in fact, many people manage to work with React and CSS-in-JS animations successfully. If you want to die on that hill, be my guest.

    The web platform caters to all people, regardless of how much industry is behind their efforts. That is what makes the web great, it doesn't discriminate Websites who do not use React or Vue, or Ember, or Angular or whatever other Framework are still valid projects.

    Yeah, okay. Go work on a project that doesn't use React then? You're asking about a React-specific problem, and then going on some tangent about how React doesn't account for every website on the internet. Excellent point, well made!

    People do this for very different reasons. Consider the fact that many people are developing and designing while not even working in this industry. Should we not cater to these people as well? Design Tooling currently is exclusively catering to designers working in big companies.

    I just made a website for a small family run restaurant with VueJS/Nuxt and Contentful as their CMS. It works perfectly, loads fast, and they can update it as-and-when they need to. I don't even work at a big company, we're less than 20 people in total. There are only two other designers on my team. A few weeks ago, I taught a friend of mine with zero coding experience to build a simple static site (for an upcoming exhibition) with NuxtJS. We worked together for maybe 2/3 hours? She made her first GitHub commits and everything, learned a bunch of new stuff, hosted the site for free on Netlify, was a genuinely pleasurable experience all round.

    Stop hiding behind these pitiable excuses. You don't have to work at a big company to try out new technologies. Front-end development tooling is better and more accessible than it has ever been. Just work with your React developers, learn a new thing, try it their way. If you don't like it, stop taking React projects. I'm sorry, but you're making this so many times more difficult than it has to be. Please forgive my frustration, I just wish you'd be more willing to engage with others (who, believe it or not, have lots of relevant experience in lots of different contexts) and "forgo" your principles in the hope of learning something new.

    All things considered, I think I'll respectfully disengage at this point, because I'm not sure you're willing to have a discussion in good faith. I wish you the best of luck though, hope everything works out.

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