Which tool(s) are you using for designing UI animations?

3 years ago from Thomas Michael Semmler, UI Engineer. I'm a bit mean sometimes

  • John Doe, 3 years ago

    On the same boat, tried A LOT of tools for Sketch. A LOT, even some very obscure ones. So here are my thoughts on the best of the bunch:

    1. Kite Compositor: Great tool, can handle a lot of complex animations that Principle couldn't do.

    2. Drama: Another great app, didn't have time to dive deeply into it since I switched to Figma, but looked even easier and more intuitive than Kite.

    3. Principle: Great, for simple stuff. It was my favorite tool, but just trying to do anything more complex like nested symbols and it didn't work, or had to do some laborious workarounds around its limitations.

    4. AE: The 800-pound gorilla, but slower to work on.

    And depending on the complexity, I'd give Figma a second try, at least for simple stuff.

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    • M IM I, 3 years ago

      +1 for Kite, it's quite easy to learn and it has a lot of features.

      Also, XD's Auto-Animate is worth trying out. For some small animations, I just export things from Sketch and then use XD... Not the best process, but it's handy for explaining some simple interactions :)

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      • Nicolas PythonNicolas Python, 3 years ago

        Just it to be mentioned: Figma's SmartAnimate is similar to XD AutoAnimate. So if one would work with XD or Figma (which I recommend) one would not have to export stuff. Specially if designs change after you've done all the work animating it this is a huge pain.

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        • John Doe, 3 years ago

          Agreed, SmartAnimate is awesome.

          When I moved to Figma I thought I'd need to fire up Kite or Principle to work on animations and transitions, but SmartAnimate has so far solved all my needs.

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    • Thomas Michael SemmlerThomas Michael Semmler, 3 years ago

      That was massively valuable, thank you. I'll take a look at Kite Compositor. It came up in my research as well.

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