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over 3 years ago from Kyle Conrad, Senior Interactive Designer at Friendly Design Co.

  • Kyle ConradKyle Conrad, over 3 years ago

    Finally launched my long in progress portfolio redesign and rebuild!

    Content: rewrote basically everything, added a ton of captions and more detailed breakdowns with behind the scenes of the concept and content structures to tell a better story around projects and clients. Also added a bunch of new case studies, including the longest case study I've ever put together (it's this one:

    Design: found a gothic-inspired font that immediately threw my old redesign out the window, then was inspired by a pair of sneakers I fell in love with (literally stole the teal and purple from them thanks to the handy eyedropper tool).

    Code: started from scratch, building it all out in Gatsby/React and using Contentful as the CMS - so it's fully static but powered behind the scenes with all the goodness of React (and all the headaches of React). One of the best parts of this new structure/build is that I can have a standalone URL for each case study. And it's fully open source, so check out the GitHub:

    Hosting: moved away from a DigitalOcean droplet to an S3 instance with CloudFront distribution - basically that means it's hosted for cheap with blazing fast speed anywhere.

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