• Mattan IngramMattan Ingram, 3 years ago

    This is not going to happen anytime soon. Clean HTML and SVG for the web is usually quite different than what is automatically generated by tools like Figma/Sketch/etc.

    I can't edit my web ready UI icon SVGs in Figma or Illustrator because it ruins all my class names and carefully cleaned up code.

    Figma has no concept of real HTML or CSS, it is just absolutely positioned rectangles. You can't provide clean handoff to devs without essentially rewriting the code in Zeroheight to clarify what classnames or React components or what-have-you correlate with a component in Figma. There isn't even a good way to sync up color variables between Figma design tokens and a web design token JSON or SCSS variables.

    Zeroheight is a great tool, but until we switch from Figma/Sketch to tools actually built on HTML/CSS you won't see this magical two-way syncing ever work cleanly (and without infuriating developers).

    For example Figma has no single-direction borders. To translate a box-shadow or manually added horizontal line in Figma to the correct CSS for your code design system you have to write it manually because there is no way to know that is what was intended automatically if Figma isn't actually using border property CSS.

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