What would you ask a designer?

3 years ago from Paul Mit, Founder

  • Matt KMatt K, 3 years ago

    What a devastating list of questions. Good job.

    I would also add:

    • Why do most design tools still focus on drawing boxes on pages, when the things they are supposed to represent are anything but?
    • Why do you think people flock to Figma when it holds your designs hostage more completely than even Adobe does?
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    • Paul MitPaul Mit, 3 years ago

      Thanks, Matt. What are the arguments that Figma holds designs hostage more than Adobe?

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      • Matt KMatt K, 3 years ago

        The main one is if you don't pay the money you can't access your files, especially if moving from a team account to a free personal one.

        In addition, the only way you can get your designs out of Figma are as a flattened vector or bitmap, or a .fig file, which is compatible with precisely nothing else.

        At least with Sketch, if you stop paying the licence you can keep using whatever version you ended up on, and Adobe's file formats are widely supported by other vendors.

        And as Figma has taken on so much funding, there's no guarantee that they'll be around in their current form for long. VCs want their payday, and that will either result in a sale, or an IPO with intense pressure to increase revenue.

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