What would you ask a designer?

3 years ago from Paul Mit, Founder

  • Scott ThomasScott Thomas, 3 years ago

    Granted I am a designer... usually I asked fellow designers about problems I am dealing with right now.

    • How does your design process fit into the agile process at the start of a project?
    • How do you implement user research/testing into your design process, If you do at all?
    • What's your success or failures dealing with living style guides?
    • What challenges do you face right now in your projects?
    • How do you deal with the internal politics of the client when designing?
    • What does your design/dev handoffs look like, what is the biggest issue with it?
    • How do you currently document your discovery/research?
    • How do you balance clients' wants vs devs capabilities when designing?
    • How do you write your design-related JIRA tickets?
    • Do you do visual QA on your projects after development?
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