• Weston VierreggerWeston Vierregger, over 3 years ago

    Yeah, I loved Framer before because I felt like it was more focused. Use a little CoffeeScript, make my design move, that's what I liked. I could build big pages full of interactions and motion that worked great.

    Now I feel like Framer X is a slightly worse design tool than my other design tools, and more annoying to prototype in. I kinda get the mission, but I gave up on Framer X.

    One tool you might like to check out is Drama. I recently started a new project and I'm using it as an opportunity to learn a little more. Drama, right off the bat, actually reminds me a little more of the old wünderapp Pixate.

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    • Justin Fraga, over 3 years ago

      Just checked it out. It seems like a great, simple, snappy little tool.

      TBH the reason I loved Framer was because I knew there'd be almost no chance that my design ran into a functional limit... the only limitation was my own ability to write functions and set variables in an efficient manner. I could crank out simple things quickly and very complex things when necessary. These days there's an abundance of the quick strike, easy tools (seems like Drama is in this realm), but I see nothing that lets me build out something robust the way Framer once did.

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