Proposal: Easy ways to fix DN

3 years ago from Taylor Palmer, I do the UX

  • Andrew Lilja, 3 years ago

    what do people actually want on here? is it longform writing about ux and the process? lord knows i don't need another poorly written medium article about the basics of something i do every day.

    here's an article that really got me thinking, the kind of thing i set aside time to read. i think bret victor's articles are really good. i personally want something thought-provoking. case studies that explain how a particular problem was solved. why a well-known company made a decision. how do i even find that if i'm not using designer news?

    i'm a pretty active reddit user but i never upvote things there, i just comment. i don't know why. maybe comment activity is a better indicator of how good something is instead of an upvote? can you get comments on things without upvotes? feels like a catch-22.

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