Proposal: Easy ways to fix DN

3 years ago from Taylor Palmer, I do the UX

  • Wouter RamakerWouter Ramaker, 3 years ago
    1. Post something every now and then
    2. Comment on why you are/aren’t upvoting

    In short: post more. Although I fully agree, I think there is a bit of a catch 22 we need to break through though.

    I agree that there is a lack of engagement among the users here. This is probably the result of high-quality posts being drowned out by spam, and a lack of moderation has led to a sense of apathy. The up (and downvotes, for as long as they lasted) were a way to self-moderate, but they were gamed by the spammers, leading to further disengagement by actual users. So, I don't think just telling people to post more will take away this feeling.

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    • Taylor PalmerTaylor Palmer, 3 years ago

      I actually think that genuine upvoting will do more than posting. There are still good things being posted, they just get lost.

      Even “highly ranked” stories only have 15+ upvotes these days. What if the good stories had 50? 100? 500? It makes voting rings much more difficult.

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