• Ashraf AliAshraf Ali, almost 4 years ago

    I really appreciate when designers like yourself create such beautiful and niche creative ideas, executed well. The calendar grid of photos gives a really nice glance at the sheer amount of work that went into capturing that story of a sunset. I LOVE the little data strip on the bottom of the framed and print versions. Great touch.

    Your photography work is compelling. Thank you for capturing so many gorgeous sunsets. What camera did you specifically use?

    Questions: Do you believe showing it in a framed context is the best way to showcase the work? Or perhaps unframed is the better default? (I see the latter but perhaps you could provide more insight?) Would it be possible to overlay the data on the photo with a tap/hover to be able to see at a glance photographic and weather details of the shot?

    I do wish a few small tweaks: I want to be able to swipe to the next one on mobile. It would feel more intuitive to navigate. I would moving musings higher up, after the picture, because the storytelling is more captivating than just scrolling through data (though valuable). The location presentation of coordinates is nice but I would have appreciated a Google Maps embed for the single photo there as well (for quick contextualizing). I wasn’t able to find a universal shortcut to take me back to year view without using my browser back button.

    Thank you for sharing and keep the creativity flowing!

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    • Bugsy SailorBugsy Sailor, almost 4 years ago


      Love the long thoughtful response, thank you.

      1. Showing the framed photo was part sales pitch, it used to default to just the photo. But the other reason is that I want to give it some feeling of a tangible thing you can hold or that can be on a wall

      2) Absolutely possible to do some type of tap/hover interaction of all the data. There have been a few other options I've thought of but not really explored. I'm sure the site will continue to evolve.

      Love the additional feedback. My biggest struggle from the beginning was how to see the full calendar, then dive into a month, and then a single day, and navigating between. It may not be intuitive by clicking the months name brings you up to the month, and then year of the sunrise brings you back to the entire calendar.

      As of now, swipe interactions might be beyond my skillset, something I'd be happy to explore.

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      • Ashraf AliAshraf Ali, almost 4 years ago

        I agree, the UI challenge is tough. I still think you did a great job overall. Perhaps seasons would also be an appropriate sort vs months. Seeing sunsets change over the seasons has a special something (or you can go full on http://www.kurashikata.com/72seasons/ but that's another path :)

        Keep on shipping! Thanks

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