• Scott ThomasScott Thomas, over 3 years ago

    Thanks for the smart tip about putting the calendly link after the survey and asking if they prefer phone or in-person chat. I never thought of giving them an option. We usually do a survey to collect and vet information, then schedule out.

    I just saw that airtable post last week... I was curious to try, but I am like should I introduce yet another tool for my client and team to understand.

    This time the client provided a list of vetted users, which were a mix of people that were aware they were on the list of not. I had to email them to introduce myself, once they approved and then ask about their availability. Seem to take 3-4 emails to get someone booked. 30 users, makes that task hard to follow.... at least for me it is.

    Follow up questions... - Have you run into users' trouble figuring out how to use Calendly? My users can range from 20-70. - is Whimsical sticky like Trello and sketch put together? I just watch their demo. Currently, I am trying to kept track of using Google Sheets. From scheduling to notes.

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