DesignerNews is almost dead

over 3 years ago from Riho Kroll, Lead UI/UX Designer

  • Kat ☺, over 3 years ago

    I spend much more time talking about design on Twitter, in different Slack communities, and irl at meetups.

    For me, this format doesn't work well for discussion - but I might just be pining for vBulletin forum days.

    It's as much the content uploaded (or lack thereof) as it is about how form is not necessarily following function. Example:

    • Text, whilst clean, is not optimised for reading anything longer than a tweet.
    • It's not at all accessible (there are 300+ accessibility breaks on this page alone).
    • The threading is confusing
    • It's difficult to differentiate users/commenters
    • The visual and typographic hierarchy is weak

    I also think the site is trying to do and be too many things at once. Is it a community for discussion? And/or is it link posting and upvoting platform to seperate the wheat from the chaff in our noisy industry? Is it a podcast? Is it a job board? If it's going to be multiple things, perhaps it's there should be some sort of dashboard or homepage rather than trying to force discussion to be the carrier?

    Who is DN? What do they want, why do they exist? What are you trying to achieve? Why is this site any different or better than using Discord, Twitter, Slack, etc - what's the USP? Looks like it's mostly been an UI redesign but there's no content or community or product strategy.

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