• Chris Jennings, over 10 years ago

    We've built a great design team at Disqus. When building the team education never came up. Not even once. I'd say it was at least partially because the founders, myself, and the people around us didn't have degrees. Our lead engineer at the time was a high school drop out.

    Instead we looked for real experience, good taste, and how the candidate approached problems.

    As a dropout, my advice would be to dive in and build real things for real people. In this industry nothing beats actual experience.

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    • Gordon TindallGordon Tindall, over 10 years ago

      Thanks for the insight @ Disqus. It seems like a lot of start ups are split with either teams that have no formal education, but have gained a lot of experience building and designing for others and themselves, or those that have formal education, generally from top tier universities.

      When you are looking at adding new designers to your team now, do you still favor something built over a degree, or are you looking for a combination of both?

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