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4 years ago from Riho Kroll, Lead UI/UX Designer

  • Noah SNoah S, 4 years ago

    Who would you recommend following on Twitter?

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    • Duke CavinskiDuke Cavinski, 4 years ago

      I’d recommend following design team accounts of products you like, anyone from Basecamp, low-key grunts from non-unicorns and then you’ll get enough recommendations to snowball. It’s a pruning process. I tend to avoid freelance “celeb” designers tho because they mostly tweet lifestyle / self help porn.

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      • Roman TesliukRoman Tesliuk, 4 years ago

        well said. Every time I discover a new "celeb" designer and try to find examples of their work, cannot find anything. Every time. They are more of "content creators" than designers

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