Two Dribbble Invites! Expiring today!!

over 3 years ago from Nikhil Vootkur, Co-Founder and Designer @

  • Antonija P., over 3 years ago

    Sorry to be a bummer, but aspiring designers should choose a platform with the non-fake community. But hey, if it brings you sales, go for it.

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    • Thomas Petrignet, over 3 years ago

      Hello Antonija, It really depends on the use you make of Dribbble! I personally use it as an awesome tool for design trends and UI ideas monitoring but keeping in mind that most of the shots integrate a small amount of functionalities... However, you can find some really great designers and agencies who publish real shots from clients work (ex: Balkan Brothers > very inspiring because they manage to combine minimalism and functionalities) ! ;-)

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    • Thomas Michael SemmlerThomas Michael Semmler, over 3 years ago

      They should probably not choose any platform but their own. Buy a domain, make a website, share your work.

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    • Michael RurkaMichael Rurka, over 3 years ago

      I'm doubtful designers use Dribbble for its community :/ Mostly a portfolio and inspiration site at this point (?)

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