So I just spent 80 hours redesigning Tesla's Supercharging UX… in a comic book format(

over 3 years ago from Dan B, Crafting Meaningful Experiences

  • Dan BDan B, over 3 years ago

    Hey Dylan. That's some amazing feedback thanks.

    RE: Brand: I actually agree with you. As I told @Mac in the previous comments,I probably pushed the "promotion" aspect a bit further than what Tesla would realistically implement in their phone app, but thought it would be interesting to show what can be done to promote word-of-mouth. L

    RE: Email Summary: Love the email summary idea, it was in my original designs and I descoped it. But after getting that suggestion on Reddit and here, I think I'll just go ahead and add it.

    Great feedback, and well articulated. Really appreciate it. Thanks.

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