So I just spent 80 hours redesigning Tesla's Supercharging UX… in a comic book format(

over 3 years ago from Dan B, Crafting Meaningful Experiences

  • Jerry TJerry T, over 3 years ago

    Nice stuff. Saw your post on Reddit too. Impressive redesigns. I’m kinda geeky so I like seeing the voltage, so I’m not sure I’d hide them... but your point on the different markets makes a lot of sense. I’m curious: how much of that 80 hours was dedicated to the redesigns vs building this presentation?

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    • Dan BDan B, over 3 years ago

      Indeed, it became quite popular in /r/TeslaModel3! The audience there is obviously more "engineering-driven" so the feedback was interesting to look at. My biggest takeaway is that Tesla is really at the limit of two audiences: early adopters and early majority. They will have to make a few key design decisions to get even deeper in the global market. But they are on the right path!

      RE: Time: Yikes, I'm kinda ashame to answer that, but I'd say about 30% for the analysis and redesigns and 70% for the Slides content.

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