Do you design with True Tone on Mac enabled?

over 3 years ago from Boris Crowther, Interaction Designer

  • Marc EdwardsMarc Edwards, over 3 years ago

    Absolutely not.

    Nobody should have True Tone or Night Shift enabled for their Mac while designing, unless you specifically want to test how True Tone and Night Shift affect the design. I also disable True Tone and Night Shift on my iOS devices. It absolutely destroys colour accuracy. The science on Night Shift is incredibly shaky, and I don’t buy the argument around it helping sleep (hey, how about just turning the brightness down?).

    I’m all for people tinting their displays if they want, but it’s a bad idea when you’re designing, if you care at all about colour accuracy.

    This question came up at work this morning, and I didn't see an answer to this anywhere else... so here goes.

    If you’re looking for some opinions on this stuff, I have some here: Colour management, part 3

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