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over 4 years ago from Dan Mall, Founder & CEO

  • Joshua Ariza, over 4 years ago

    Dan, I wanted to say you're rad for taking my call for an hour once– just to offer advice about apprenticeships. It mentorship part of your weekly routine?

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    • Dan Mall, over 4 years ago

      Josh! I'll talk to you any day.

      It mentorship part of your weekly routine?

      Currently, it's not. I stopped my apprenticeship program at the beginning of this year because I felt like I don't have much more to give there, or at least I'm not sure what it would be right now.

      But, I saw a tweet just yesterday that said, "Mentorship is not a role or responsibility, but rather an act that anyone can fulfill for you." While I've given up a mentor role, I'm actively looking for ways that I can practice acts of mentorship. Perhaps this AMA is one!

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