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4 years ago from Dan Mall, Founder & CEO

  • Dan Mall, 4 years ago

    Thanks for the kind words, Zsolt!

    How is your time balanced nowadays between managing business / creative work

    For the last 7 years of running SuperFriendly, my Harvest data tells me that my time is split just about 50/50 between project work (design and code) and business development/administrative work.

    how did that balance change over time?

    Being split 50/50 is a kind way to say I'm doing a poor job at both tasks. So, for the past year, I've changed things by offloading both of those jobs: I hired a few people to take over all of business development and I've also removed myself from projects entirely. Both project work and new business are better for it, and I'm free to do the things I care about more.

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    • Zsolt Kacso, 4 years ago

      Interesting. May I ask what are the things you care about more - unless they're personal?

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      • Dan Mall, 4 years ago

        They're both personal and professional, but I'm happy to share them both!

        During my work hours, I've given myself a few new jobs:

        1. Market SuperFriendly better to people at organizations that could really use our help.
        2. Grow the network of SuperFriends.
        3. Incubate and try out new services and products.

        By removing myself from projects, I'm finding that it creates more opportunities for others that would love to do the work that I was either phoning in or becoming resentful about.

        That extra focus for me leaves me generally more fulfilled in a day's work earlier in the day, which has a lot of benefits outside of working. I can spend more time with my family between the end of school and bedtime, and I'm playing more basketball and video games.

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