Is human-centered design causing us suffering?(

over 4 years ago from Eric Alli

  • Nick WNick W, over 4 years ago

    There are more than a few designers writing very thoughtful pieces on this topic, but most blogs are too short or just lack the depth entirely to thoughtfully discuss it. They are also quite academic in nature, so they don't get the eyeballs they deserve.

    HCD/UCD and "Anthropological Design," as I've seen it described, represent the dominant design approaches/values. My guess is that HCD/USD are just such 'compelling' ideas, not much critical thought is given to what it actually means or why you shouldn't or should adopt it. Many other frameworks exist that can complement or contrast it, such as Ecological Design or even "Systems Thinking" ... it'd be great to see more discussion around the merit of these approaches.

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