Figma users be like:(

over 4 years ago from Seth C, CEO @ UX Cabin

  • Ryan W, over 4 years ago

    I don't like how Figma is browser based honestly.

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    • Alex JohnsonAlex Johnson, over 4 years ago

      You all but forget its browser based as you use it day to day. With the desktop client it feels just as native as any other design tool (but you have the ability to get in via the web if you need to).

      Also, another advantage of browser based is that you never have to keep track of files or versions of files ever again. Its just always there in the history from any machine anywhere in the world (its nice to travel light with a chromebook but still be 100% able to assist on anything if something urgent arises while im OOO.)

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      • Jay B, over 4 years ago

        My biggest beef with Figma is that the desktop client doesn't feel native at all. It feels like the browser app wrapped inside of a container. So I guess native is subjective.

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        • Muhammad Ahsan, 4 years ago

          Yes, I strongly agree. Out of Sketch, XD and Figma. Figma feels the most slowest and for me its a big turn off

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