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over 4 years ago from Liam F, Designer

  • Liam FLiam F, over 4 years ago

    It isn't really my style, but then I am not a current customer of theirs SO my opinions mean squat in a goal of "did this rebrand help existing and new customers".

    I'd love to know what motivated them behind this. Is this just stage one of a whole redesign? Did their potential customers prefer something less "cutesy"?

    For the site....

    I dunno if this is new with the logo but, I am so conflicted.

    That is a lot of text, big text. Maybe some spacing would help it be more digestible but every space is filled with something, whether that is handwritten note or arrow.

    The word "Basecamp" is mentioned like half a dozen times in the copy. I certainly won't forget what app I am reading about...

    Then when I visit their "make an account" page, and leave the site. I return to the homepage with a full screen pop up saying I can sign in or close to view the homepage. What?!

    I do love the Basecamp team, they have been such an inspiration to me on how companies should be run, but the logo and site isn't the vibe I expected from them.

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    • Jay B, over 4 years ago

      To everyone I talk to, Basecamp is known as the cool little app that you eventually grow up and graduate from. I think this problem is more brand perception than depth of features. It gives you that indie band niche vibe.

      The brand could use a little more polish. And with their whole purposeful/anti growth thinking this was about as far as they were probably willing to push.

      Also, is trying to eat their lunch. Could be another explanation for this 'brand' refresh and the keyword stuffing going on inside of the content.

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