Niching down as a Designer and launching my own site(

4 years ago from Sumit Hegde, SaaS Website Designer

  • Zsolt Kacso, 4 years ago

    Nice job man. Let us know how it plays out.

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    • Sumit HegdeSumit Hegde, 4 years ago

      Thanks Zsolt!

      Here are the metrics so far (launched last week):

      • Users: 1100

      • Page views: 2110

      • Subscribers: 51

      • Calls booked: 6

      • Projects closed: 1

      Will come back with an update in a month :)

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      • Zsolt Kacso, 4 years ago

        That sounds really good for one week! How are you getting the word out?

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        • Sumit HegdeSumit Hegde, 4 years ago

          I got featured on a couple of design inspiration sites like Lapa Ninja and Landing folio, that brought a good amount of traffic.

          I also joined relevant facebook groups where my ideal customers hang out and started engaging and creating content there. Getting a lot of relevant traffic from people checking out my profile.

          Trying to create and share content everywhere. Writing blogs, posts, Dribbble, Linkedin, Medium!

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