Whimsical Mind Maps: In-Page Interactive Demo

over 3 years ago from Steve Schoeffel, Co-Founder at Whimsical

  • Steve SchoeffelSteve Schoeffel, over 3 years ago

    Hey Anthony, they have some commonalities but here's how I think about it:

    Flowcharts are more freeform and less structured. You can layer things on top of each other, place groups of items inside of others, basically do anything you want. Some flowcharts may have a directional flow or logic to them but our Flowcharts are flexible enough to handle lots of nuance and complexity. The layout is more manual (although we do have quick add buttons to make it easier) but the benefit is more flexibility. Example: https://whimsical.com/5cuRgnqsm5qxSKiLEpyZ9s

    Mind Maps, on the other hand, are quite structured and hierarchical. They operate more like an outline or bullet list. There are parents, and children, and siblings, and everything fits into this ordered format. The layout is automated and this makes reordering and rearranging very efficient but also comes with layout constraints. Example: https://whimsical.com/PUnnCq2HHr2F5h6ZLqHzeY

    Hope that helps!

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