Diez: cross-platform design system framework(diez.org)

almost 4 years ago from Zack Brown, Product designer & co-founder @ Haiku

  • Zack Brown, almost 4 years ago

    Hey DN! Our team at Haiku (haikuforteams.com) has been working on this secret project Diez for quite a while, and we're just announcing it for the first time!

    Diez is now in private beta, which we're doing to gain a tight feedback+iteration loop with early users before we open-source it. If your team is interested in trying out Diez early, please fill out the survey at the top of diez.org

    We hope Diez makes a difference to everyone working on design systems. I'm around today if anyone has questions!

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    • Tyson KingsburyTyson Kingsbury, almost 4 years ago

      how exactly does it work with a tool like Figma... just curious...

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      • Zack Brown, almost 4 years ago

        Sure! Diez ships with command-line tools that allow your team to automate the extraction of styles & images from design tools (incl. Figma,) into an OPEN, extensible, cross-platform, and native-developer-friendly code format.

        In this paradigm, Figma (or Sketch/etc.) are your visual design-system "code editors." Diez's open-source tools let you sync changes from Figma (optionally, via pull requests) into your main-line "living source of truth," (in code) which can be shared across teams.

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